Toronto-based company commissions 30 unique illustrations of NBA superstars for a brand-new NBA merchandise category in the 2019-2020 season

CUCU Covers, the company behind customizable bank card covers, is proud to announce their collaboration with NBALAB to create an officially licensed collection featuring 100+ NBA team and player designs. You can now purchase your own NBA team card cover and stick them on to any of your existing bank cards, transit passes, gift cards, or other card types in this brand-new merchandise category. CUCU Covers plans to release special edition collections throughout the 2019-20 season.

“CUCU Covers had this idea to showcase NBA favourites on something that is used virtually every day,” said NBALAB’s Chief Creative Officer Billi Kid. The easy-to-use temporary and replaceable covers come in a variety of designs and work on all existing cards. “We love how fans’ bank cards and other cards can be instantly personalized on the spot, with the ability to refresh the designs anytime.”

We commissioned 30 unique illustrations of NBA superstars like Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Curry to really make this collection special for fans,” said CUCU co-founder Kunal Arneja. “The team at NBALAB has been amazing to work with and we look forward to releasing more great artwork with them in the near future.” 

CUCU Covers do not hide any important card information or affect any of the functions, making your bland cards more fun and personable. There is no sign up for anything new – these covers work with all existing cards at any bank and fans simply stick the covers on.

The NBALAB collection is officially on sale now and retail on the CUCU Covers website