The collection of sunglasses and reading glasses and hair accessories Camomilla Milano produced by Gabbiano makes you fall in love!

Camomilla Milano, a creative and visionary Italian company, manufacturer of fashion accessories, founded in Milan by Grazia and Maurizio Belloni, has entrusted for years the development of licensing to the agency Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MDL), which has concluded an agreement with Gabbiano for the production of a line of glasses and hair accessories.

The line is distributed in all supermarket chains, in retail stores, in specialized chains and offers consumers a selection of sunglasses and reading glasses and accessories for women and girls.  The line has also been distributed in Spain.

Through the entire collection, created in close contact with the brand’s creatives, Gabbiano has been able to transport the distinctive style of Camomilla in a new way. Gabbiano has a great presence in retail and also the Camomilla line is enhanced in sales thanks to special and branded pop display materials that immediately catch the eye of consumers.

The Camomilla Milano brand proved to be perfect for the Gabbiano line, because it speaks to women through its “good mood effect”: flowers, romantic icons and pastel palettes colour all the products, giving them an immediately recognisable style. The counter-current challenge of Camomilla Milano, which already in the early 80’s was different from the aggressive women’s models of working-women, is now an important reality in the fashion system and in the Italian business landscape, which allows customers to continuously reinvent themselves through the variety of accessories. “Fashion is an infinite game and becomes emotion, a state of mind combined with a thousand ways of being, a world of light and ironic dreams that tells modern fairy tales” – says Grazia Belloni, creator of the Milanese brand with her partner Maurizio.

The iconic property, made of pink tones, bows and polka dots, is aimed at a wide and transversal target of girls and women who live fashion as a very personal and emotional game, not too much tied to the trends of the moment.

“Gabbiano’s project with Camomilla Milano – adds Michela Marchese Patti, CEO of the MDL agencywas designed to offer the world of Camomilla to consumers at an affordable price, to treat themselves to a cuddle or a small accessory that can change their day and give an extra twist to their style.”