Tradition meets tomorrow, craftmanship meets cosmopolitan in the Mirabello Carrara Premoli + Di Bella Home Linen collaboration

Maurizio Distefano Licensing, which manages the licensing programme for the fashion brand PREMOLI + DI BELLA, has announced the imminent arrival at retail of the first range in a major agreement with Mirabello Carrara for a special PREMOLI + DI BELLA Home Linen collection. A table collection is also on its way.

Creativity, Glamour and Art. These are the words that sum up the first collection of PREMOLI + DI BELLA Home Linen, licensed by Mirabello Carrara – a luxury division of the Caleffi Group.

Giovanni Premoli and Dario Di Bella, dubbed ‘the Stylists of the Third Millennium’ by the international press, have devised a textile line that is youthful as well as useful, made up of exclusive products for bedroom, bathroom and living.

Marrying the bold creativity of the two young designers with the experience, attention to detail and sophistication of the Mirabello Carrara fashion house, this collection brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘tradition’, adding luxury and sportiness to inclusiveness and accessibility. It’s all part of the creative journey that has made PREMOLI + DI BELLA so well-known in a few short years, offering a way of involving an audience that makes the designers – and now the PREMOLI + DI BELLA brand – recognizable and unique.

And the PREMOLI + DI BELLA Home Linen collection is no exception. The streetwear soul of the two designers is fundamental to this collection, a feel that connects with the world of art, music and street culture through a glorious range of bed linens, duvet covers and quilts in soft cotton percale that create a perfect co-ordinated set with soft velvet cushions and soft cotton towels.

For lovers of the minutiae of design this collection is a real treasure trove, developed around four main graphics that take the consumer on a journey into the modern via the traditional, referencing Italian heritage and the handmade works of the past.

The story of the PREMOLI + DI BELLA Home Linen collection begins with the ancient styles of the city of art, Florence, taking us into the story of PREMOLI + DI BELLA ‘stripes’, a true signifier of the brand, adding a nod to the 1950s and pop. The journey continues with a visit to the Sicilian Gothic masterpieces, where innovation and vision combine in a reworking of the ancient world of Sicilian papers.

Four design styles, four headings: GREEN ATTITUDE, MILLEDIQUESTERIGHE, CIRCLE ART and SICILY, coming together with other eye-catching designs in a wide range of vibrant cushions. There’s even the street-art-graphics-based mechanical eye known as POLIFEMO 5.0, visually representing a coming-together of human and machine.

And of course the PREMOLI + DI BELLA logo is an integral part of the graphic work underpinning these stunning designs – itself an understated artistic addition that gives the range a cosmopolitan and futuristic feel, and reinforces its strong origins in Italian craftsmanship.

PREMOLI + DI BELLA is a dynamic brand, full of the creative energy that you would expect from the fertile minds of Giovanni Premoli and Dario Di Bella. They are creative directors for menswear and womenswear, for accessories, luxury goods and living collections. They have a strong background in the world of luxury fashion, textiles and the apparel industry. They are creative, young and socially conscious. They respect Made In Italy but understand international luxury. Or, as they put it: “Our dynamism and interest in everything that surrounds us means we’re always connected, always listening. We love art and culture – they nourish us and we bring them into all our creative processes. We love to express our creativity. We’re always looking forward, but always aware of the past – the craftsmanship and traditions that are our roots.”

The four central designs behind this stunning collection are:


A design inspired by the ancient Florentine art of hand embroidery known as Bargello – upright flat stitches laid in a mathematical pattern to create motifs. In this version ‘punto flame’ – zig-zags – are created. These designs are inspired by the world of ‘green’ vegetarian foods using handmade embroidery given a modern and digital spin. Colours are skilfully balanced in fresh, characterful designs that playfully cross-reference both fashion and green themes.


Colourful, marinière, pinstriped: it’s all about the black-and-white lines and a classic look that always delights. This nostalgic theme, simple and fresh, pays homage to the style of an earlier time but also references the graphic symbol that captures the true essence of the PREMOLI + DI BELLA brand in the timeless contrasts of black and white.


What’s more pop than polka dots? Magnified, symmetrical and given a unique artistic interpretation, the polka dots of this pattern pay tribute to the 1950s and to the divas around the world who have worn them, making them iconic, with more than a touch of the playful – and seductive.


The masterpieces of Sicilian Gothic art, and the symbolism that Arab art brought to Europe from the East via Sicily, are reworked in this design, adapted to include a PREMOLI + DI BELLA perspective and the cosmopolitan feel of today’s world. The motifs, the frets, the denier and the use of the stylized logo all play a part in an ancient inspiration that becomes a sumptuous modern tale.