Ellesse launches next summer fashion

NiceFootwear presents the ELLESSE slide-on collection.

NiceFootwear is proud to announce the launch of ELLESSE‘s new “slide-on” slipper collection.
They have been cleared for some seasons now, the slippers come out into the open and descend into the streets. No longer worn only in indoor environments like the swimming pool and the gym, ELLESSE slippers aim to become a casual chic icon with extreme comfort.
Ellesse is a historic brand born in 1959 from the charismatic personality of an Italian tailor, Leonardo Servadio, who breaks the boundaries between fashion and sport. In the 1970s Ellesse reached the peak of its popularity and the logo immediately became the hallmark of the brand.
A symbol that today NiceFootwear aims to revive even with the Fall Winter 19-20 collection dedicated to HERITAGE sneakers.
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