Hello Kitty shines at Milan Fashion Week

Hello Kitty starred at Milan Fashion Week appearing in an original capsule collection by Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara.

Katty Xiomara was born in 1974 as Hello Kitty was and this means they both are celebrating their 45 anniversary in 2019. Katty Xiomara was born in the heart of a Portuguese family, but in the temperate climate of South America. Hello Kitty was born by Sanrio‘s hand in Japan, but with a background story where she is portrayed as an English girl. This made Katty Xiomara remember and live memories of her childhood through a collection where she let her clothes speak for her, daring on the garments letting it express what she couldn’t with words and initiative. This combines with Sanrio philosophy which created Hello Kitty with no mouth to let people project their feelings through her. Katty Xiomara collection is great “Pot-purri” of memories and made the Portuguese designer reflected also on her 45 years and, in general, to the role of women. It is a collection of reflection, of longing, of passion and gratitude, with simple and feminine shapes with strong and explosive colours and a great mix of materials, brightness and textures, that reveal this profusion of memories and di erent ideas.

Hello Kitty collection will be available in Europe and Asia starting from Autumn 2019 and will consist of T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tops, Dresses, Pants and Scarves.

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