Get ready for Rubik’s 40th anniversary

In 2020 Rubik’s will celebrate the 40th anniversary since the Cube craze went global at retail.

In the time since its international launch in 1980 an estimated 450 million Rubik’s Cubes have been sold and approximately one in seven people have played with a Rubik’s Cube. It has started art movements (Rubik Cubism); featured in pop videos, Hollywood movies and even had its own TV show.

To celebrate this landmark occasion, 2020 will see the launch of a range of exciting events, special products, 80’s inspired style guides and innovative partnerships to celebrate this landmark that will include:

– Global Product launches – including an exciting new invention and twisty puzzle by Erno Rubik himself supported by major TV campaign with a $4M+ budget across UK/US

– Exciting new licensing activations with major brands, publishers, apparel chains and retailers globally

– A 20 month PR campaign with renowned New York agency

– A New Global Brand identity and packaging redesign to strengthen engagement with Millenials and Gen Z’s

– Major brand collaborations and new promotions featuring Rubik’s

– Global Influencer/Endorsements and Ambassador programme including Hollywood celebrities, sports stars, music icons and speedcubers, complemented by a multi channel social media strategy

– A newly central dedicated E-commerce team that plans to rapidly grow the Rubik’s online presence.

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