Introduced the new SS19 collection by Simon Cracker

Simone Botte, designer of SIMON CRACKER, for spring summer 2019 presents #TEENDRAMA, a no gender collection that represents a path of childhood memories that even adults want to relive.

The SS19 is inspired by the X generation that you do not want to detach from your mother. Thanks to the crisis, the search for work and various personal factors, more than 50% of young people today do not want to leave the house where they grew up, for fear of becoming an adult. This dual personality will therefore be swinging, the adult part and the little girl playing on the catwalk, challenging each other.
For the collection, Simon Cracker was inspired by the icons most related to his childhood, the Teenagers Ninja Mutant Turtles and, in collaboration with Nickelodeon, he chose to celebrate the 30 years of his life. The result is a journey full of memories that straddles all the teenagers’ stages, up to adulthood.
The famous turtles, protagonists of the iconic cartoon, represent the model to be imitated, the poster hung in the bedroom, the waiting for the new episode to be seen after having done the homework.
The four warriors become patterns on kimonos, skirts and giant earrings, mixed with fluorescent graffiti and pastel colors that serve as a metropolitan backdrop to the entire collection.
Cracker is an urban brand with a streetwear style that since 2006 screams, protests and tells its story through transgressive and extravagant collections that have attracted the interest and applause of the public and the press.