Poetic Brands Brews Up A New Range Based On Wychwood Beers

Apparel specialist Poetic Brands has signed a new deal with Wychwood brewery to develop a clothing range based around its beer brands, which include the famed Hobgoblin.

The brewery is known for the fabulous artwork that adorns its bottles and pump clips, much of which is inspired by the myths and legends surrounding the ancient Wychwood Forest that once dominated the area near the brewery’s Oxfordshire base. Hobgoblin – a strong and hearty ruby beer that has developed huge popularity amongst drinkers – is one of the best-selling bottled beers in the UK. Other Wychwood brands include Goliath, Black Wych and Imperial Red, and its beers are exported across the world.

The deal will see Poetic Brands using classic Wychwood imagery to create an adult clothing range that promises to have huge appeal for beer fans.

If there’s such a thing as a cult beer – Hobgoblin is it,” says Elliott Matthews of Poetic Brands. “It’s a drink that’s transcended the beer market to become a cultural phenomenon in its own right, and this gives us huge brand awareness to tap into with this new apparel range.”

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