Licensing Link Europe to represent the brand “Football’s Coming Home”

Brand extension and strategy agency Licensing Link Europe is to represent the registered trademark “Football’s Coming Home”.

The trademark references the date 1848, which marks the introduction of the Cambridge Rules, widely considered to be the set of rules defining the backbone for the modern game. Licensing Link Europe will look to build out a programme based on the huge optimism and awareness generated from the 2018 World Cup and cement this as THE brand for true fans in the build up to the 2020 European Championships – where the semi finals and the final will be played in London, UK.

Upon announcing the representation, Ian Wickham, director of Licensing Link Europe, stated: “The mood in the UK right now for football is ridiculously buoyant, for obvious reasons. With the words ‘Football’s Coming Home’ being sung wherever you go (which, by the way is not just unique to this particular tournament, but to every major football event), and a social media reach of 6.7 million this week alone just in English, there is a huge opportunity. With the right build and direction, we believe we can cement an umbrella brand to act as the home for the true fan including grass roots football, lower league and amateur divisions, building an environment for those where football really is a part of their lives.

 “We are hugely excited to be a part of this and are looking forward to building out the consumer products programme.”

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