The Spanish spirit of LA SIESTA makes its debut at Pitti Uomo 92!

La Siesta, the new espadrillas brand that is Made in Levante – Spain.

Spanish Levante, a unique land of ancient culture, where lifestyle and traditions are part of the DNA of its inhabitants. LA SIESTA was born here of an idea by Jorge Navarro Pertusa, member of the GIOSEPPO family, that has been dedicated to the footwear industry for over 25 years.

The goal of LA SIESTA is to maintain the essence of the traditional espadrillas, that are made with natural jute and the best prime materials such as leather, cotton and fresh italian materials, adding a vulcanized rubber sole that makes the shoe more modern and resistant. Each LA SIESTA design is inspired by eastern culture that has deep roots. The idea is transformed into a combination of comfort, style and luxury, with the Made in Spain guarantee.

The Alicante area, where the new brand was born, is much more than sun and sand. It is a unique context, rich in tradition, culinary specialties, commercial ports, cultivated land. It is an area that is full of rich cultural patrimony where East and West mix and the climate determines the personality and dress of its people.

The designer, Jorge Navarro, brought LA SIESTA to life in this manner, not only as a simple footwear brand, but as a lifestyle that is based upon the mediterranean spirit. LA SIESTA is the fresh sangria that can be tasted with friends on the terrace of a bar, it is the strolls along the path, the background music that can be heard on the streets. La Siesta is fun, it is the strong sophisticated behaviour but at the same time is silent and bohemien. La Siesta is a bike ride to the horizon, a Saturday afternoon, it is the ice cream and the scent of jasmine. And it is, naturally, that nap after lunch.

The east coast of Spain, the famous Levante, best represents the combination of both worlds: provincial vs cosmopolitan, expected vs the unexpected, past vs future, east vs west. It is La Siesta, and it couldn’t have been created in any other way: both women and men, looking for trend or returning to the roots, it represents comfort and value of quality.

La Siesta internalizes the purest essence of Spanish Levante based on traditional footwear while reinventing it. Shoes with centuries of history that were made for daily work, comfort, resistance. They were made with natural and fresh materials and unique patterns.

Because with LA SIESTA, the natural, the basic and the authentic are gelled to create a brand new refined trend.

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