Kids Social Licensing Campaign Planned for Zolan Legacy

Heritage Children’s Brand Celebrates 40 years in 2017.

This classic American brand first appeared in 1977 at the South Bend Collectibles show becoming one of the most important children’s art brands in collectibles. With a 40 year licensing history, we now celebrate an Artist’s legacy for his contribution to capturing the spirit and soul of early childhood. In transferring these feelings and memories, we remember the serendipity of this age and the reason this Brand is considered a nostalgic heritage brand.

Zolan’s ‘Heartland America’ painting was chosen to represent the 40 years in licensing symbolizing the idea that children become young adults and that these feelings of love, wonder and innocence felt as children are embedded into our memories.  Most of all ‘Heartland America’ embodies the Brand’s stability, captures Zolan’s deep spirituality and represents the love for his Mid-western roots.

To mark the anniversary of this brand in 2017, the Zolan Agency is expanding Zolan’s co brand partnerships with America’s iconic brands together with the Social Licensing for kids, the heart of Zolan’s core belief. With the support of Dr. Luisella Magnani, Zolan atmospheres were created in some of the hospital rooms at the Varese Pediatric hospital in Italy positively influencing the palliative care of children in pain. The newest project expands to the Pediatric Intensive care unit in Padua, Italy.  

With the success of these hospital projects, the Zolan Company hopes to open doors to other social licensing projects and as well to contribute through Social Fundraising with a new initiative called FashionZ, a program to be launched in 2017. Other plans are being formed for a new campaign in 2018, Go Zolan America, sharing the artwork of Zolan in a traveling Museum throughout the USA.

It is extraordinary that Zolan could transfer through his art the essence of that ‘feel good’ feeling in all of his paintings.  He had the uncanny ability to see and feel the spirituality of humanity and pass it on through the art.

Zolan once said, “I wish that all children, here in America and around the world, could live the kind of joyous, secure and happy childhood that I capture in my paintings. I think we owe that to the children of the world and each step we take to get us close to these goals makes us better people.” 

The mission is to continue to nurture Zolan’s legacy with a social responsibility supporting children’s causes through Social Licensing worldwide.  

Visit The Zolan Agency during Licensing Expo Las Vegas at Booth H101.

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