Alessandro Del Piero’s AIRDP Style arrives in Milan

From 23rd to 28th February AirDP Style, the concept brand evolved by Alessandro Del Piero, invades the 12 The Brian&Barry Building with style and design.

For the event of the most fashionable and international week in Milan, AirDP Style chose 12 The Brian&Barry Building for the exclusive national launch of their sneakers and high technological content that is AirDP by iShu+ and to present the revolutionary collections of eyewear and clothing that are made according to stylistic code of lightness, innovation, empathic design and pleasure, in a unique location that is unmissable for lovers of style of every kind in Milan.

From 23rd to 28th February the ground floor of 12 The Brian&Barry Building, department store on 12 floors at via Durini 28 that is dedicated to clothing, jewelry and restaurants of high quality, transforms itself into a place to live, see, try out and above all to buy sneakers, coats and AirDP Style eyewear in preview. There are set to be 4 windows dedicated to exhibiting the glam-high attitude of the brand that was born of an idea by the champion Alessandro Del Piero, along with Lele Danzi and Paola Frodi; 17 led walls that will project images of the AitDP Style products onto the two faces of the most fashionable building in Milan.

The AirDP by iShu+ sneakers are pure distilled creativity: transparent, coloured and breathable, they are the fruit of a project that began over 2 years ago. The colour pallette is exciting and with the added touch of changing the inner sock to personalise the sneakers with the various graphics: AirDP also created a Fiber Deodorant collection.

AirDP by AirEyeWear is a collection of Dionysian glasses of high functional value that are able to mix usefulness with delight. Architects of special effect, imposing gauges, strong silhouettes with feather weight and of inexistent thickness. The shapes range from round and aviator to more defined geometric shapes that are less soft, such as oversized squares, metabolized by a contemporary design. Colour choices that range from the classics in eyewear to vibrant and bright colour choices such as yellow, cobalt blue, green, often proposed in combination with the unusual textures of matt and crystal.