The Converse Pride Collection 2018 designed by Miley Cyrus

Brought to life through LGBTQ + artists, love stories are set as the backdrop for Converse’s Pride Collection 2018.

Designed by Miley Cyrus, all incomes from the Converse Pride Collection will support LGBTQ+ youth community partners globally.

The Pride represents the incredible progress made possible when the voices come together and talk together. The global movement shows that a spark can ultimately change course for generations to come, and serves as a reminder that there is still much work to be done anywhere.

Born in the frame of the Converse Pride Employee Network, the Converse Pride Collection takes this spirit as the brand’s annual celebration of pride. It also serves as a small contribution to those who have pioneered and continue to defend people of all ages to be genuinely themselves today.

Designed by Miley Cyrus, all net proceeds from the Converse Pride Collection will support LGBTQ+ community partners globally, including Happy Hippie Foundation, Gets Better Project, Minus 18 and Rainbow YOUTH.

In addition to the street-wear uniform designed for PRIDE celebrations, Converse has worked with these community of partners to socially heal the statements of hope and love of the young LGBTQ + as they prepare for the Pride 2018.

By donating his creative resources and collaborating with artists like Lonut Radulescu, Liam Donnelly and Rooney, Converse worked to visualize the statements provided. The result is a powerful set of artistic posters that celebrate the PRIDE, share love and serve as a means to encourage empathy through cultures.

The Converse Pride Collection by Miley Cyrus is now available exclusively on and some Converse stores in the US.