Digital media fund IPR.VC invests in “The Red Harlequin” TV Series

Lisa Hryniewicz and Roberto Ricci launch Pantomimus Media to develop The Red Harlequin TV Series.

Leading Finnish media fund IPR.VC has entered an agreement to fund the development of a TV series based on Roberto Ricci’s YA Fantasy book series, The Red Harlequin. The agreement was reached with the author and his agent Lisa Hryniewicz, who have consequently co-founded Pantomimus Media, a limited company that will hold and develop all rights to The Red Harlequin.

The agreement will see IPR.VC invested in the immediate development of a TV series and the long term, multi-platform strategy of the YA fantasy property, which currently encompasses five books (with five more planned over five years), a graphic novel (with a second in production), and several licensees (music, jewellery).

Timo Argillander, Managing Partner at IPR.VC, commented, “The Red Harlequin is a unique and compelling IP whose content can easily extend from books and comics to a plethora of formats and adaptations, such as TV, music, video games, film and licensing. We are confident that The Red Harlequin will become an exciting phenomenon.”

We are thrilled that the team at IPR.VC has joined us in developing The Red Harlequin as a global entertainment franchise,” added Roberto Ricci, creator of The Red Harlequin and Managing Director of Pantomimus Media. “IPR’s strategic support will be instrumental to its success as a quintessential 360 transmedia property and we are very excited to be working together to make it happen.”

IPR.VC is a dynamic venture capital investment company specialised in funding digital media content, for both domestic and international markets. Since its launch in 2015 the company has already amassed an impressive and varied portfolio of content including: Scandinavian crime drama Bordertown, distributed by Federation Entertainment; animated preschool show Gigglebug currently airing on Milkshake, YLE and SFR; and feature film How to Sell a War, directed by Rudolph Herzog, to name a few.

The first stage of IPR.VC’s investment in The Red Harlequin TV series development has kicked off with newly formed Pantomimus Media, in association with Executive Producer Rick Porras. Porras’ previous credits include: Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (co-producer, and second unit director); Robert Zemeckis’ Contact and Forrest Gump; and most recently, Sony London Studio’s upcoming title, Blood & Truth – a high-octane action narrative game, developed exclusively for PlayStation VR (performance capture directing). Porras will draw on his singular experience in ground-breaking, fantasy mega-projects, to oversee both the creative aspects of the TV production as well as its long-term 360 strategy.

The Red Harlequin saga features Asheva, an aspirational teenager living in a complex world divided among Chrome Nations, where everyone lives hidden behind a mask. Drawing inspiration from events such as the Arab Spring, Indignados and Occupy Wall Street, The Red Harlequin is a visually stunning and highly engaging allegory on society, religion, politics, morality and revolution – and a mirror of the current youth and populist movements currently shaking the globe.

The first five The Red Harlequin books are sold on Amazon where they have topped several best-seller lists. French language rights are held by Editions Ada, a specialist in Youth, YA and Adult fiction such as Divergent (Veronica Roth), Merlin series (T.A. Baron), Fablehaven (Brandon Mull), Beyonders (Brandon Mull), and the Sweep series (Cate Tiernan). The graphic novel rights are represented by leading European agency VIP Brands (Ivanka Hahnenberger).

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