FELISI at next PITTI UOMO with the brand new CIMOSSATO

From the canvas for the jeans, the sails of the ships and the deckchairs from the sea, a new bag signed by FELISI is born for the SS2019 collection.

This type of cloth is made using an antique shuttle frame that was used in the past to weave jeans, ship sails and fabrics made for beach chairs. The characteristic of this canvas is the selvedge: lateral part of the reinforced and bounded canvas, usually, by a contrasting colored border. Thanks to this system, the fabric is robust.

Taking advantage of these qualities, Felisi decided to give importance to the selvedge by creating unlined bags in cotton canvas with red selvedge. These bags are made with a single piece of fabric assembled only by side seams with “view” selvedge. Through this construction, which includes buttons placed on the bottom, the bags can be flattened and easily placed.

The result is a practical, light and refined collection, where the fabric is the main decorative element.

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