Macchia J. becomes part of Space 2000 Brands Portfolio

Space 2000 Italian Fashion Industry, specialized in the creation, design and marketing of clothing lines, urban-wear and outwear collections, expands its customer portfolio with the brand Macchia J.

Already a licensee of the Kids Collection of Macchia J., now Space 2000 will follow also the women and men’s fashion collections, consolidating its positioning and presence in the Italian and international market.

Space 2000 today can boast of a capillary and homogeneous distribution network: 12 active brands are distributed and present in over 2600 international showrooms and stores, thanks also to the 5 distribution channels developed and implemented continuously by the Turin group.

Macchia J. is a collection that can be framed on two levels. The first part is the real “collection”: sophisticated materials, particular workmanship and manual treatments make these garments a real must in the high-end casual wear segment. The second part of the collection is one in which the brand is proving very successful and is also doing a lot of branding with its logo, takes the name of Luxury Active and is part of the elegant sport street segment of high level.

The markets in which Macchia J. brand is distributed are: Italy, Japan, Korea and France, for a total of 170 sales points, mostly concepts that pay close attention to the brands they welcome, guaranteeing their customers the best in terms of offer, refinement and quality.

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