Betty Boop & Popeye Celebrate a Cool Yule in Hong Kong

Betty Boop and Popeye are taking over the famous Metro City Plaza in Hong Kong this holiday season.

Under the theme of “A Christmas Cruise,” visitors to Metro City Plaza (MCP) Mall can interact with costumed Betty and Popeye, engage in boat-race-themed video games, download Facebook mini-games, create original personalized digital Christmas cards, send Instagram messages to friends, and create personalized 30-second interactive videos (upload a photo and transform into an elf exploring the Christmas Cruise and dancing with Betty and Popeye). Exhibitions of Popeye and Betty Boop memorabilia and merchandise add to the immersive experience.  On the retail side, there are two premium redemption programs; for minimum same-day spend of HK$600 or more at designated mall retailers, shoppers receive a Grow Your Own Spinach Plant kit; for HK$1200 and up, cozy Popeye or Betty Boop embroidered slippers.

In addition to promotion on all social media, MCP mounted multi-story-high exterior signage and installed larger-than-life fiberglass figures of Betty Boop, Pudgy, Bimbo, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Brutus, Wimpy, Swee’pea and Eugene the Jeep in holiday attire.  Special events such as a children’s cooking party will also take place during the designated promotional period.

Licensed to production company KASHow, the entire project was masterfully organized and managed by King’s agent for the region, Medialink. “This is part of our strategy to help consumers feel a true personal connection with these charming and iconic characters,” said Noletta Chu, president of Medialink.

Betty Boop and the Popeye family of characters have long had great popular appeal in this part of the world and across a wide variety of licensed merchandise,” said Cathleen Titus, Vice President of International Licensing. “We are delighted that our colleagues at Medialink have been able to raise the profile of our beloved characters through such a fun, totally immersive experience during one of the most wonderful holiday seasons of the year.