Global Authentic 100 Cohn & Wolfe 2017

Top five positions are led by world tech brands.

Cohn & Wolfe, the global communications agency, presented the Authentic 100 2017, the annual index of the most authentic brands for consumers. At the top of the Italian rankings, Italian Ferrero, Ferrara, Rana and Nutella but, surprisingly, Amazon, with great volley, conquers the first position with a leap forward of eight positions.

Although surprisingly, this result is consistent with the global leader board led in all of the top five positions by world tech brands (Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google and PayPal). Among the top 100, there are 16 brands in the world of technology (whether it’s hardware, software, platform or service), as evidence of how the consumer landscape and attitudes have changed around the world.

The presence of the brand in everyday life and in individual relationship with the consumer becomes critical elements for building the perception of authenticity.

Consumer personal interactions with brands are a crucial driver of brand perception. Technology has become ubiquitous, an integral part of people’s lives and contributes to improving and making people’s lives easier. For these brands, therefore, the opportunities to create a positive bond are innumerable,” says Lynn Fisher, EVP, Global Director at Cohn & Wolfe’s Branding & Insights Group.

Today consumers buy from companies that treat them as adults. Our study shows the correlation between brands that behave and communicate in authentic ways and their ability to attract and conquer consumers, contributing to the solidity of the business,” says Donna Imperato, CEO of Cohn & Wolfe. “I want to congratulate the companies that have won the first positions in the Authentic 100 rankings. Commitment to customers and, more generally, the public will allow these brands to maintain their position and contribute to their future growth.

The Authentic 100 index is the result of the Authentic Brands study by Cohn & Wolfe, which examines the role of authenticity for businesses, features associated with the perception of brand authenticity and the impact that authenticity generates in the attitudes and behaviors of consumers, investors and employees.

Each year, the study evaluates how authenticity contributes to the success of a brand. Since 2017, involving 15,000 consumers in 15 markets, 91% of global consumers would reward a brand for its authenticity by taking it into consideration for its purchases, considering it for its investment plan, positive message and so on.

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