The first Invicta jacket with a camera

La telecamera sul cappuccio consente di scattare foto e registrare video panoramici a 360° e di condividerli in tempo reale attraverso i social network.

The camera on the hood allows to take photos and record panoramic 360 ° views and share them in real time through social networks

We are becoming more and more social employees and brought to share every moment of our lives with the people we love. Now let’s go and take up almost everything we do, see, eat … to return it and comment it with family and friends close and far.

With this premise, from the unification of the fashion world to that of technology, the first Invicta jacket with the Samsung Gear 360 camera comes in. It has a camera with double lens (one front and one at the back) that captures images and 360 ° panoramic video of the world around us and in total freedom of movement (the device, in fact, is resting on the jacket cap or even just on the cap while leaving your hands free). So people can experience the emotions of the moment without the thought of having to be photographed or recorded.

In real time, it’s also possible to share pictures and videos captured on major social networks, starting with Facebook and YouTube, using personal account.

Extremely original and innovative also in the fabric, a three layers coupled two-color comfort (blue and yellow interior), water resistant and thermally welded, the jacket is suitable and tested for open-air shooting, in contact with dust and splashes. The braces incorporated inside, then, allow you to wear your head comfortably as if it were a backpack and make it practical and versatile for any situation.

From a romantic walk along the sea to a hike with friends on the go, from birthday party to the birth of a son, with Invicta jacket with Samsung camera we are sure we can save and share every detail of our experience!

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