Space for new trends at Homi 2017

Technology, world traditions and contaminations between different cultures: areas and initiatives put the spotlight on original habits that are more and more widespread as personal taste becomes a shared style.

HOMI, the Hall of Lifestyles at Fiera Milano, will be back from 27th to 30th January 2017 (and from 25th January in pre opening for the Gift&Events and Festivity sectors) with the many dimensions of new trends that characterize homeware and personal accessories.

In an ever changing world, HOMI takes on the challenge and offers an innovative layout, with areas dedicated to the experimentation and focus on trends and habits that are more and more widespread.

The event continues as so and demonstrates its centrality for businesses of all areas : until the present day, in fact, more than 1000 companies are signed up, totalling 60,000 mq., a result that is quite superior to this time last year.

Amongst the many trends that are changing our daily lives, technology is without a doubt the greatest, more and more present in our homes and following us through our daily lives, in the objects that are part of our home and in the accessories that we wear on our person.

To allow space for this trend, the HOMI Smart area has been confirmed for this HOMI event, that will aim to offer reflection and to put concrete examples into place, regarding the relationship that is becoming stronger and stronger, that of design and technology, with beauty coming from objects in the home and shared on social media platforms.

Even the habit of searching the web for advice and ideas to decorate the home and to be more elegant is a fountain of inspiration for HOMI and this will be the catalyst for new initiatives. Ideas and suggestions of new style “influencers” are set to be a strong point of the event, and they will be looked at in installations and themed spaces, workshops, demonstrations and research laboratories on shape and materials.

Changing our daily lives is not only the web, however, but also a growing multicultural world, with our relative traditions from different countries, that are gradually bringing new customs into our lives.

Always increasing in our homes and on ourselves, ethnic objects or things from far away cultures, often combined with more traditional accessories.

In the same way, new occasions for parties and recurrences become moments for enriching rooms with decorations, for colouring stores and sharing the pleasure of socializing.

Next to these multiple formal expressions, even our traditions seem to be finding new life through objects, because they are linked to uses and memories that we feel are part of our identities, or even because they are aesthetically “revolutionary” in their immutability, which is only apparent.

And so, the working with natural materials according to historical techniques, the rediscovery of the history of territories and the ways of the past, together with the sensibility towards all that is “sustainable” (able to respect the environment and also cultural traditions) become the indispensable ingredients that can offer added value to objects and accessories that are available today on the market, for companies of all dimensions.

Habits that change, new cultures and old traditions, both of Italy and the world: an edition of HOMI is preannounced, enriched with suggestions, suspended between the past and future, open and multicultural like never before.

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